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Schwarztag band is a bright representative of dark scene. The title of group tells it for itself. Widen the boarders of industrial-metal, which has become an ordinary, musicians bring Neue Deutsche Härte (“New German Heaviness”) for a new level! Taking classic canons of NDH, group doesn’t restrict themselves with this genre, using elements of different music styles…
As the start the cover version of DIE KRUPPS track “Fur Einen Augenblick” was recorded and then released on "Russian Industrial Tribute to DIE KRUPPS" compilation on 31-st of July 2013.
Song texts are conceptual and tell about the reverses of human fortunes. Some lyrics based on real events. Human character often spurs us to extreme hobbies or professions, but even for a first sight inoffensive situations could be risky. We constantly walk on a knife’s blade, on life and death edge.  Which side our life will turn to us? Will story end optimistically or tragically? Which direction will the pendulum shake?
Band works on their debut album and also play gigs. The music of Schwarztag is a bundle of all-powerful guitar drive, sprinkled with energetic keyboard pulsations. On their concerts band does not have an aim to catch the minds of all and everyone. Group members try more to get their emotions across the footlights, to shake the hall with their energy.

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